Wednesday, 23 September 2015

LED suppliers from Europe

Good day,

Don't miss your chance! Our company shall enter the global market and prepared for you the boot action.

About us
LED Solutions co. Ltd. based in Shenzhen in China offers all the LED products(outdoor/indoor), and special custom manufacturing.

In what way are we different
-the quality is for us in the first place (product, packaging, services)
-We understand your needs
-We know what is EAN, QR, CI, Energy label, its no problem use customer brand

How to do it
-management of the company is from the European Union
-We have many years of experience

Additional benefits
-custom cargo partner, very good price for the transport
-warehouse in the European Union and in China 

Special product
- LED panel with adjustable CCT ( dim )
- LED Highbay with active cooling ( LIQUID ) SMD or COB
- Gas station LED panel ( canopy light )
- Filament bulb

 Are you interested in more information? Please contact us:

phone: +86 132 66 88 92 19

¡¡ ( coming soon !! we start next week ) 

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